Story via @janenecrossley

"The work of a mother is hard and too often unheralded work. Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones." -Elder Holland. 

Maybe it was because of the struggles in my upbringing, but I have always wanted my kids to feel deeply loved by their mother and siblings. More than anything, I hoped for my kids to love being with each other. And months ago as I felt a gentle and heavenly encouragement that we had 1 more spirit needing to join us, my fears obviously surfaced because I felt that I'd surely drown. That loving motherhood wouldn't be a reality for me anymore. Simply put, 1 more kid would mean my dreams of having a tight-knit, loving family would be shot. But it wasn't until I read this quote from Elder Holland this morning that my heart felt a tight yet tender squeeze from seeing that trusting in His crazy-sounding ideas for my family would transform the hope I once had into a reality that I had only dreamed of experiencing as a mother. He knew the pure joy I would feel by watching my 3 mini darlings explode with joy about their "Baby Avery" coming out soon. He knew the peace I would feel by seeing them play for hours on end together because of having less play time with friends since I feel so uncomfortable and worn out to take them places. Sure, it's not all sunshine and roses. You know it's not. They have their meltdowns and arguments that make me wanna list them to eBay. But the deepest happiness I have ever experienced has been recently watching my kids independently love each other in a new way, love on me, or love on the baby Avery in my belly.

I'm indebted to those angels heaven promises to send down to help us create the sort of heaven on earth that all of us mamas desperately want. Angels are always there with us and I'd feel silly for not seeking and praying for their help and guidance now that I've caught the glimpse 💗

{And I'm working on a blog because if you're anything like me then I see you scrolling through IG with lighting swipes too fast to have read this novel of mine.)