How to Wrap a Big Baby Gift: Tips and Tricks from STINA & MAE

Giving a big baby gift can be a challenge, especially when it comes to wrapping. But fear not! STINA & MAE has got you covered with these tips and tricks for wrapping a big baby gift with ease.

First things first, choose the right wrapping paper. You'll need a large enough piece to cover the gift, plus a little extra for overlapping and folding. Look for sturdy paper that won't tear easily, and consider using double-sided tape for a seamless finish.

Next, prepare the gift. If it's a large item like a stroller or a high chair, assemble it beforehand so it's ready to use. If it's a collection of smaller items like baby clothes or toys, arrange them neatly in a box or basket.

Once you have the wrapping paper and gift ready, it's time to start wrapping. Place the gift in the center of the paper and bring the sides up and over the top, overlapping slightly in the middle. Use tape to secure the edges in place.

Next, fold the ends of the paper like you would a present. Make sure to fold the edges neatly and tuck them in for a polished finish. Use tape to secure the folds and prevent the paper from unraveling.

If you want to add a little extra flair, consider tying a ribbon or bow around the gift. This will not only make it look prettier but will also help keep the wrapping paper in place.

At STINA & MAE, we know that presentation is everything when it comes to baby gifts. That's why we offer a range of gift wrapping options for our customers, from simple yet elegant paper and ribbon to themed gift bags and boxes. With our help, you can give a big baby gift that looks as good as it performs.

Wrapping a big baby gift may seem daunting, but with these tips and tricks, you'll be a wrapping pro in no time. Remember to take your time, choose the right paper and tape, and add a little extra flair if you want. Happy wrapping!