How We Celebrate: 1st Birthday

We launched a new series entitled Parenting Through A Crisis. A series of Instagram Lives chats and written interviews with experts and everyday moms. 
We recently sat down (virtually of course) with Christine mom one adorable little boy to talk about first birthdays and celebrating.
How are you feeling about the current situation? 
I have been feeling anxious and guilty at the same time. Anxious because of the unknown and nervous for what our "new normal" will look like. I also feel guilty for feeling sad about all the little things I'm missing out on doing with my baby because I know there are moms out there who are dealing with a lot worse. I try to remind myself to be grateful for my family's health and safety as that is what is most important.

If not how do you intend to celebrate now? I'm hoping things will be back to normal by August for my son's birthday but if not, I'll plan to have a little celebration at home with just my husband and baby.     

Will this be your child's first birthday? Yes, this will be his first birthday 

How did you intend to celebrate prior to COVID-19? I had plans to have a big party for my son's 1st birthday. My husband and I both come from huge Italian families so we were looking to have over 100 people. 

Do you have any tips or words of encouragement for first time moms celebrating the births or first birthday party? As hard as it is to imagine not being able to celebrate your little one's first birthday, you should really try to focus on the good. Regardless of how your baby gets to spend their first birthday, it'll be a memory you will cherish for the rest of your life! What is most important is that you are blessed to have such a precious baby in your life who adores you. Your baby will not care about all the decorations, cake, gifts they will not receive because all they care about is that you are with them and always will be <3  
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