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The beauty of an unmade bed.
This morning we stayed in and just talked to each other. I've been experiencing some abdominal pain, which I think is just round ligament pain, so I've downplayed it, not trying to be dramatic about it, but it hurts. I didn't tell him until today. This prompted a long conversation. We brought up our fears, our expectations, our plans, all of the unknown changes that are coming. Things we know, and can control, like home projects we need to complete to prepare for the twins, my short maternity leave, daycare, our jobs, my business, and money. Working towards a necessary balance full of compromise, listening, and understanding. 

We're trying.

Refusing to be overwhelmed. Expecting to hear tips and advice from everyone, and not feeling the pressure to do everything suggested, and not feeling afraid when people recount their horror stories and mistakes.
Enjoying the small moments that we have only ourselves to look at, savoring the quiet, and looking ahead to this new life that is now only 5 months away.
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