Time Goes Fast...


Story via @mishtheeditor (Founder and creative director of STINA & MAE)

I can't believe how much my little guy has grown. I find myself looking at him in awe. I sometimes sit and try to figure out where his little/big personality comes from and how I became so lucky to be his mom. He is a smart, light hearted and at times a strong willed toddler (did you hear that ?!? He is a toddler and my baby is not a baby anymore) who makes everyday brighter.

My journey to motherhood is like many other moms who labored for hours only to have a c-section. Though I wouldn't change a thing not the scar, or the pain for that was part of his entrance to the world. That experience led me to where I am today, the mom of an amazing young boy.

Not only does he inspire me everyday he is also the catalyst behind @stinaandmae and our social impact initiative. Just before he was born I asked my husband to bring onsies on his way to the hospital. This doesn't sound like an odd request until you understand these were for a premature baby. A little back story, my pregnancy wasn't easy it was a rocky road full of fear. The fear of losing my son. So I did the only thing I could, I prayed and prepared for a possible early arrival. That preparation included buying clothes for a smaller baby. As it turned out we didn't need the premie clothing. Through prayer, a stroke of luck and shear will we made it to full term. We decided to donate all the clothing to the NICU in honor of our son. The spirit of donating to children in need continued. I began to look to see how STINA & MAE could contribute on a larger scale.  We worked on creating an initiative that allowed us to partner with a local charity that has both national and international reach. (Look out for the announcement and how you can help this week).

I wanted social good to be woven in to the fabric of STINA & MAE. I didn't just want to create another diaper but to create a movement of fashion, utility and social impact. These three pillars are heavily influenced by my experience of being a mom. In the past year my little person has inspired beyond is his years and being is mother has made me the luckiest woman around. decided to make trendy yet classic handbags geared towards moms like myself. Young,  I can't help but to wonder what would have happened if not for my muse, my mini me, my true love. I am honored to be his mom and co-creative director.


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