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Today was quite the day. I went to the office for the first time without Luna. I am blessed and usually work from home or bring her with me. Not only was this the furthest I have been away from Luna (1 hr drive) I had to pump at work for the first time.

My hat goes off to the women who do this everyday.I'm so lucky to just be able to feed Luna straight from the tap most of the time. I had to pump a lot in my early breastfeeding career but it was only for a couple of months. I forgot how much I hate it. To top it off I have to scald my milk because of extra lipase, so it an extra tricky step at work. Plus Luna will most likely not drink this liquid gold because she will not drink milk out of a bottle or cup.

Overall Luna survived even though she refused milk all day for daddy. Once again this milestone in our lives was much harder on me than her. I'm so grateful to only be one month away from breastfeeding Luna for an entire year. If anyone ever has questions about the struggles I went through or needs help working through their challenges I would love to be a listening ear. Don't be afraid to ask for help I would have never made it without the support of amazing lactation specialists.


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