The Moment I knew

Story via @dolly_nealon

A year ago today...a few days after honeymoon I picked up a test on the way to work & did it before going to my desk. I was sat chatting to @cloharding & mid-convo peeped in my bag to see the big word PREGNANT!!!!!! I went to the ladies & cried my eyes out-a honeymoon baby was my dream! I did bugger all at work that day (in my defense it was a quiet Friday!) apart from keep peeping at the test & touching my tummy.

The next morning I wrote this message on my tummy & asked Ben to look at a "dodgy rash" on my stomach as "I think I have meningitis" as soon as he saw the top of the biro his face lit up, he read it & burst into tears. We spent the rest of the day just holding each other on the sofa cuddling/not knowing what to do or say in our little secret baby bubble & we kept it that way until month four.

Even now when I look down at my 3.5 month old baby boy, the absolute spit of daddy & the love of my life, I can't believe I grew him everyday for 9 months without doing anything, my body just did its own thing, now I understand life's true plan & how that relates to me.


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