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Today  story is Via@thetinymumma. It is a story of loss, love and healing. This story maybe a trigger for some who've experienced a similar situation. 
Today is a bit of an odd day for me. I've got a smear test. The last time I had one of these I was totally unaware I was pregnant.
As I lay there on the table waiting for the nurse to do her thing I hear her say "Sorry I'm unable to take a swab, there is blood, are you on your period?" I went home confused as I didn't get periods because of my pill. I bled for the next few days and then something fell out. A tiny human. My eyes couldn't unsee what I had seen, you had arms and legs and a head. I was so angry at myself. How did I not know you were there? I lost that baby just before Christmas 2013, and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy just after Christmas 2016.
It feels like it's come full circle, I am healed and so blessed to have my rainbow baby 🌈 my Atlas, my world 🌎 But even so as I lay there on that table, today still feels like an odd day.
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