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A few weeks ago as I had dinner with a sister-friend that I am forever bonded to because of our shared infertility story, she asked me how many miscarriages I have had and I gave her the same answer I always give, "I don't know, I stopped counting." This is the truth. As we talked and I listened to how personal each of her miscarriages are to her, I realized that my not counting has been my way of coping and that moment is when my heart truly began to heal.

God reminded me that I have babies in heaven he is watching over for me and that I am a mother of 7, 6 in heaven and this beauty here with me. So today I celebrate all the mother's in my life raising their children, their grandchildren, family members kids, all the aunties loving on kids in their lives, all the women desiring to have children, all the teachers doing their best to pour into the kids in their sphere of influence. I salute you all and say a big Happy Mothers Day.


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