What are some good gift ideas for a baby shower or new baby?

As a new baby arrives, it's always a special time for family and friends. It's an opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a new life and show support for the new parents. Finding the perfect baby shower or new baby gift can be overwhelming, but there are many great ideas to choose from that are both practical and thoughtful.

One great idea is a baby  gift basket. Fill it with items like burp cloths, bibs, blankets, onesies, and baby toys. Another popular choice is a baby carrier or stroller, which can help make life easier for busy parents. A high-quality, comfortable snuggle blanket is also a great gift that will be appreciated by both parents and baby.

For a more personal touch, consider a personalized baby gift, such as a custom-made baby blanket or monogrammed bib. These unique gifts show that you've put thought and care into your selection.

Whatever you choose, be sure to consider the baby's age and safety. It's important to select items that are age-appropriate and safe for baby.