What to expect as a New Mom

What to expect: Chaos. Because we live in the digital age, searches for what to expect while expecting are very accessible - especially with all the books and podcasts out there. However, based on my experience, none of them will ever be completely accurate. Why you might ask? Because every baby is different. Don't get bogged down with the dream of what to expect and just go with the flow. Follow your instincts and you'll be okay. You got this, Mama! 

Today, I wanted to share with you five things I wish I knew the first time around that could've made postpartum a bit easier.

1. It takes a village...Don't be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes, as new moms, we may feel like we have to do it all. We don't and trying to do it all is the fastest way to becoming burnt out.

2. Waking up with a newborn can be taxing on anyone. Try to get rest and prep as much as you can. One thing I wished I did with my first child is organize a meal train from friends and family and freezer meal prepping. The idea of prepping freezer meals may sound daunting, but the best way to store meals is to double or triple the meals you're already cooking. You'll have a freezer full of delicious meals before you know it.

3. Stock up on items that could make going to the bathroom easier - such as prune juice and increasing your water intake. The 1st bowel movement after birth can sometimes feel more difficult than birth (kidding, but not kidding). Whether you gave birth via cesarean or not, your stomach muscles will be pretty weak, making this a challenge.

4. Rest... Rest when you can. Many people say sleep when the baby sleeps and my response would be so when do I clean, cook, or just do other things? In the first couple of weeks, rest is so important not only for your well-being but for recovery as well. Sleep when you can and be okay with things not being okay sometimes. That sink full of dishes can wait, the laundry can wait, and if it can't, go back to my first tip: ask for help.

5. And lastly, know that you and your baby are both learning to live a new life and be kind to yourself. 

Hope this helps!

Founder & CEO