What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Packing your hospital bag is one of the final steps when preparing for your little ones arrival.  Figuring out what to pack is the most daunting. To take some of the guessing out of it we complied a list of must/good to haves that might make this task a bit easier.

What to pack for your little one:
1. Swaddle gowns & booties
2. Newborn Caps & onsies
3. Comfy blanket or receiving blanket
4. Going home outfit

What to pack for you:
1. Comfy clothes
2. Night gowns & rope
3. Slippers & shower slippers
4. Loose clothes to go home
5. Extra long phone charger cord
6. Pillow
7. Socks
8. Lotion/moisturizer
9. Nipple cream
10. Nursing Bra

After all you may need something to put all this in and we have the perfect bag.