Fashion week is a non stop pr machine editors, bloggers, and celebrities trek from one show to the next oohing and awing at the latest runway frocks.  Articles with regards to hemlines  and cuts will be written this week but this post is not one of them. I want to touch the human side of fashion week.

Individuals from every corner of the globe flock to the fashion mecca of the world each February and September.  If you are so lucky to travel with your family or live in New York then you may not relate to this article. But if you are part of the greater majority unable to pick up your family and head to the big apple for eight days of fashion mayhem then you know the feeling. It is the lump in your throat that you get the moment you begin to miss them.

For most editor, writers, and bloggers  this week commences with non stop events. Most of the week you are too busy to think about anything other than fashion. It is your protected bubble but when that bubble burst and you get a moment to breathe, to rest, to think it is in that moment you remember. You begin to feel a solemn guilt that flows through the exhausted but fashionable facade. Chriselle Lim of the Chriselle Effect recently touched upon how she was enjoying fashion week but missing her daughter and husband in Snapchat post after receiving flowers. In a second post with Tina Craig from Bag Snob the two shared with their audiences that they were  two mammas missing their babies.

Many working mothers can relate. I recently sat out this season because of my three month old son. I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving him for eight days at such an early stage in his life not to mention I am nursing (an another article for another time). I can’t help but to wonder if my absents will have effect  on my career. This industry moves fast and is on to the next thing. You have to work hard at staying relevant in an industry that is beholden to no one person or thing. It is this constant struggle that not only fashion moms but working moms deal with on daily basis.

To produce a week  of mega events takes mega talent, coordination and planning, this inevitably  means human capital is deployed.  From set design to bloggers and everyone in between it will takes a whole lot of mammas to make the machine go. Fashion Week is HUMAN!