For many first time moms the task of preparing for baby is both daunting and exciting. With so many unknowns no wonder the mere thought of entering your nearest baby store is met with a bit fear and interpretation.There are scores of blog post and articles that display the hottest and newest gear on the market but what does baby actually need? You may be asking yourself how could someone so small need so much stuff ?We wanted to make the task of preparing for baby much easier so we've compiled a list of the top ten things you'll need for the first six months other than your STINA & MAE bag (shameless plug)

  1. Bassinet/Sleeper/Crib
  2. Car Seat
  3. Swaddlers
  4. Burp cloth 
  5. Onesies / Baby one piece t-shirts(tons and tons of these)
  6. Clothes(A tip given to me was not too many newborn sizes as they grow so quickly)
  7. Diapers/wipes
  8. Breast pump and storage units if breastfeeding (most insurance companies will reimburse or pay for breast pumps under the affordable care act.) 
  9. Carriage or baby wrap
  10. Nose Frieda

After all of these things the one thing your baby needs the most is your love. You've got this mama. 



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