How We Celebrate: Pregnancy In The Era of Social Distancing

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We are so excited to announce our newest series titled How We Celebrate.

We recently caught up with Danielle mom of two to discuss how it feels to be pregnant during this unprecedented time. 

How are you feeling?

Since this is my second pregnancy I think I am a lot calmer about it in general (and in light of COVID) than I would be if this was my first pregnancy. It has been weird to have my OB checkups streamlined and taking places virtually in some cases as they try to keep patients out of the hospital. 

Have you had a baby shower yet?

No, I was not planning to have one since this is my second child. 

Do you feel like you could celebrate without the traditional methods?

One idea is to have gifts sent to your home that you would have opened at the shower. You could Face-time with each person who sends a gift as a way to celebrate with them and connect with the most important women in your life as you prepare for your baby.

Is this your first child?


Do you have any tips or words of encouragement for first time moms. 

Perhaps you could have a party (at the same venue you planned to have your shower) with all of the women invited to the shower when this all blows over as a way for them to meet your baby instead. 

Has your delivery plan changed? If so how? 

The delivery plan itself, no, because I only planned on having my husband in the room with me for delivery (they are limiting it to one support person during delivery) but as of now visitors are not allowed in the hospital and they are processing people in and out of the hospital in 24 hours in most cases. I was envisioning the moment my son met his sibling in the hospital, which will now be at home. 

What do you say to moms to be out there who are feeling cheated or sad because they can't have a traditional shower? 

Just because you cannot have one before your baby arrives doesn't mean you can't have a party/get together at the same venue after the baby is born to celebrate and meet your little bundle of joy.