STINA & MAE was started shortly after our Founder, Mishell, had her first child. The former fashion journalist went from front row to the changing table with her first product, the SAFI Changing mat. After finding it difficult to find a changing mat that kept her son from touching gross public changing tables she decided to create one. She wanted the mat to be water resistant on both sides, antimicrobial for easy cleaning and large enough to keep adventurous hands from touching anything. Thus, SAFI vegan leather baby changing mat was created. 

At the inception of STINA & MAE Mish set out to create social impact at every level of the company.Through social she joined mom chat groups to build community around motherhood. Also creating partnership with organizations that help aid families in need by donating 2% of revenue yearly to help fight childhood hunger or working with organizations that bring awareness to maternal help.


We get this question often, STINA & MAE isn't just a name that we pulled out of thin air. Its the names of two bad ass women who lived/live life to the fullest.

Here's their story:  Mish's great grandmother Susie Mae was born in a small town in Alabama to a farming family. The weight of freedom rested upon her innocent shoulders. Both her parents were born at a time when African Americans where enslaved. The lively little girl went on to educate herself and left that small town for the big city. The city was were Susie Mae met a tall gentlemen that she would soon fall in love with and later build a family. It was out of that loving relationship that Ernestine was born nickname Stina. Susie Mae tackled to world with vigor and strength. 

Ernestine our founders amazing grandmother would grow up to be a life long student of life and the arts. A women of grace and poise set upon the path to elevate the standards of the status quo. Defiant of any one who would constrain her or put her in a box she is unique and steadfast. 

These two women not only influenced a generation to come but influenced a brand. Their quality of style and grace, strength and pose is the epitome of what STINA & MAE stand for.  We as a brand aim to defy the status quo and elevate the standards of quality.